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    My name is Gilad and I'm a serial entrepreneur from Israel, living now in San Francisco. Beyond entrepreneurship, my second passion is sharing the lessons I've learned and inspiring audiences.

    In my workshops and lectures, I explain the methodology I used to build, lead, and monetize a wide range of startups and businesses over the past 10 years. But it goes deeper than that.

    These tools have proven useful in helping me understand and navigate so many aspects of my life, and it's this layer of actionable life lessons that audiences have really connected with.

    My journey from the IDF to Startup Nation to Silicon Valley was not without mistakes and challenges. I hope I can share with your organization/institution/school/company some of the lessons I learned along the way, in the hopes of equipping your community with both powerful business tools and valuable new perspectives.


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    "Last weekend I had the honor to have Gilad for a guest lecturer speaking about Entrepreneurship and Marketing at IDC Herzliya. In the lecture, Gilad shared his personal agenda, passion, and experience successfully mesmerized the audience using analogies from the surfing world and his personal life story. Gilad, I Can't wait to have you again for the next international entrepreneurship course. Thank you :)"

    Uri Aizik,
    International entrepreneurship course manager
    IDC Herzliya

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    "We had Gilad as a speaker at multiple events as a speaker and at a panel participant. As a result, we used his consulting services. Gilad was most helpful in analyzing my new-media needs and suggesting a path to a complete restructuring of our online presence. He was very professional and focused and I was impressed by his experience, tool kit, and original thinking. I was equally impressed by his ability to render the IT issues to the strategy of the organization,"


    Sharon Abraham-Weiss

    Executive Director
    Association for Civil Rights in Israel

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    "Gilad is definitely an outstanding speaker and mobilization expert. He conducted projects to show as successful online-offline integrated mobilization examples. Also he was a valuable member of the team by always motivating the ones around for further challenges. It was a real pleasure to work with him and will do so again"

    Barış Bilgen
    Fundraising Co-Director



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    "I've had the pleasure of having Gilad as a speaker for innovation and crisis management in social media and then as a mentor. working with Gilad in the past few years. His integrity, his willingness to help, and the combination of his knowledge and quick understanding of Social Media and presentation skills give him a competitive edge in the field. He is a people's person and a source of inspiration to his colleagues and clients. Gilad has a very proactive attitude which drives him to walk that extra mile and he is one of the nicest people I know. "

    Ely Calderon
    Head of Enforcement, The Israeli Privacy Protection Authority at the Israeli Ministry of Justice

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    "We had Gilad as one of our speakers at the BBYO conference in Dallas, Texas, which included 6000 people from 30 countries. One of the most memorable lectures from the event was his talk; Be The Startup, where he inspired the audience to adopt a startup methodology in their lives and address decisions as an experiment with measurable KPI's to reach their personal goals faster. We were also very fortunate to have Gilad leading multiple branding and creative thinking workshops and participate in numerous panels about the future of Israel and startup nation.

    Can't wait to have him again as speaker next year


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    "In the past 3 years, we had Gilad as one of our top speakers in the growth and marketing courses at Growth X Academy in San Francisco. We were very impressed by Gilad's ability to inspire our students with his personal story and a wide range of experiences as an entrepreneur along with his expertise as an and a growth expert. The students found his methodology to validate startup ideas very beneficial for their business but also implementable beyond the business and professional world in many more aspects of their lives. We will be delighted to have him again as a lecture"

    Sean Sheppard
    Founder and CEO,
    GrowthX Academy

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    "Gilad has been an inspiring speaker for English Language Institute's Entrepreneurship course for international students. Interp.me is a wonderful example of social entrepreneurship that solves real-life challenges with a combination of empathy and technology."


    Alena (Alen) Nye
    Owner, CEO and Executive Director of

    English Language Institute

  • Other Initiatives I'm proud of

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    2015 - Co founder of Project 24

    Non-profit initiative

    After getting prime time media attention, On 15th May 2015, my co-founders and I managed to get over 5000 people across Israel and Gaza strip to clean its beaches from plastic waste

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    Founder of Crash for Dinner

    Non-profit initiative

    An app that helped backpackers crash at peoples couches in exchange for authentic dinner that represents were they came from

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    Co founder of interp.me

    ASL interpreter on demand app

    A marketplace that connects between ASL interpreters with deaf people on demand